Requiem (Birth), 2016
Inkjet-print on archival paper, 120x150 cm (ritual-performance for photo and video)
Photo: André Cepeda ©Christoph Both-Asmus
Props: Chika Takabayashi
Production Portugal: João Niza Ribeiro (Porto) and Salomé Lamas (Lisbon)
Production and Artist Assistant: Luis Wood
Flower-sponsoring: ZTflores Lda.

With the approaching tidal flow it became really cold and wet from below and at the same time it became warm and later hot from the fire. I was sandwiched between the atlantic and fire. And I had my eyes closed, once a flower touched my face when falling and it was a nice and tender and different from human touch.
– Christoph Both-Asmus

Requiem, 2015/16
One shoot full HD video loop for flatscreen (based on live-ritual-performance), 45:00 min.
Video Editing: Francisco Moreira
You listen to Christoph Both-Asmus (Artist) in conversation with Prof. Francis Hallé (Botanist) and Prof. Phillipe Danton (Botanist) about “The Tree Walker - project” (see work section), the rain forest canopy, the origin of humanity and the mystery of life. 
Flower Sponsoring: FLOWER & ART, Blumen Vanessa, Floristik Live

Requiem © Christoph Both-Asmus 2016

Requiem (Green Cross), 2016
C-print on archival paper, 80 x 120 cm (based on live-ritual-performance)
Photo: Andreas Wengel
Props: Chika Takabayashi
Assistance: Oliver Both-Asmus
Flower Sponsoring: Blumen Vanessa 


Photographic documentation &. Video stills of live-ritual-performance
Materials used: flowers, embers of charcoal, soil, various props



I had been thinking of the green cross for quite while: A symbol of aid for both human and nature. I’d like to dedicate this performance and photograph to this idea.
– Christoph Both-Asmus

The ritual was originally performed by Christoph Both-Asmus, in order for himself to connect with a place. After a flight to the other end of the world, he would go for extensive walks and collect flowers to arrange them in burning charcoal.

To see the flowers fall, one by one (for about 60 min.) is similar to watching hands of a clock ticking away. Only the flowers are a different documentation of time passing, one that questions our perception of time. – Christoph Both-Asmus

Soon this ritual grew into a live-ritual-performance also to give an opportunity to others to reconnect and to slow down with and within their environment. In 2016 the piece developed into Both-Asmus positioning himself underneath the flowers, which were arranged over burning charcoal. In this way he emphasised his belief that nature and humans are one and that humans need nature.

I need to make a statement and oppose those who promote a life in an artificial environment focused on consumption.  – Christoph Both-Asmus