Baum Raum – Open Air Studio

by Chika Takabayashi & Christoph Both-Asmus,

Opening: at 48 h Neukölln (15th and 16th of June, 13-15 h / 16-18 h)


What is Baum Raum? (Baum Raum in Eng.: Tree Space)

During 48 h Neukölln our "Baum Raum – Open Air Studio” opens for the first time.Here we invite you to join us making art every Wednesday from 16 - 20 h, in the shade of trees. Additionally we will come up with different art workshops that we will inform you about via this news blog and through Facebook: (Christoph Both-Asmus &. Chika Takabayashi). 

Where Exactly !?

The "Baum Raum – Open Air Studio” is placed at the Urban Gardening Project Prinzessinnengarten Collective Berlin, in the middle of the St. Jacobi Graveyard, Hermannstraße 99, 12051 Berlin, Neukölln.

Programm at 48 h Neukölln (15th and 16th of June, 13-15 h / 16-18 h)

Essentially we will make art together, enjoy and value nature. We encourage you to work free and intuitively, to work outside with the elements, such as leaves, soil, wood, water. Additionally we’ll bring in different materials and techniques. Such as: water colours made from berries and veggies, different papers and rise glue. We’ll experiment with using leaves for different print making techniques and with laying patterns using found materials.

Special Surprise

During one of the days we are going to show one of Chika Takabayashi’s “Sour Dough Installations”!


We hope to help growing environmental awareness, forging our connection to nature by sharing knowledge and experiencing nature poetically, through art.


visit our Facebook pages (Christoph Both-Asmus &. Chika Takabayashi)

And as well Prinzessinnengarten Kollektiv Berlin FB and


Free for 48 h Neukölln and for donation every Wednesday.

Thanks to Prinzessinnengarten Collective Berlin for opening up this urban oasis!